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Terms & Conditions website will not he held liable for any direct or indirect damages of any kind by products or services offered. website contains information that is subject to change at any time. You agree to hold harmless any director, partner, or employee from any claim or demand of any kind based on purchase or service. contains third party links and content. You acknowledge that La Cadena Masonry Supplies, Inc or will not be held liable for any warranties or claims expressed by any third parties. You further acknowledge that La Cadena Masonry Supplies, Inc is a vendor and not a contractor and therefore any estimates or recommendations expressed by any employee or representative will not be held liable. It is ultimately the responsibility of the customer to ensure materials and quantities are correct. 


You acknowledge that all stones are natural and therefore are subject to change from time to time. Not all rock sizes will be exact. You are highly urged to view stones or rocks before making a selection. Further, due to current California laws, quarries are no longer washing down (cleaning) rocks. Therefore, natural stone and rocks may have significant amount of dirt. La Cadena Masonry Supplies, Inc is not responsible for cleaning or condition of rocks and stone. Items are sold “as is” condition. features rock and stone pictures that have been cleaned for editing purposes and therefore may look different to materials ordered. Further, no employee or representative of La Cadena Masonry is responsible for quotes. It is the customers responsibility for calculations.

Ready Mix Service

All orders must be placed directly at the office. Availabilitybased on first come first served. You acknowledge that La Cadena Masonry Supplies,  Inc is only a supplier of ready mix and therefore will not be held responsible for quality. Not responsible for any work or service by third parties such as but not limited to contractors and pumpsuppliers. La Cadena Masonry Supplies, Inc may provide an estimate as to materials however, it is ultimately the responsibility of the homeowner and contractor to ensure accuracy. Not responsible for any damages on any job site.